“Mobile homes are, par excellence, the upgraded solution of a camper or caravan holidays, they offer more space and comfort, without the trouble of getting them on the road.”

Imagine your summer in West Coast Mobilhomes in Lanterna Premium Camping in Porec, Istria

The Perfect Place

West Coast Mobilhomes in Lanterna Camping in Porec, Istria are the perfect place for a family summer holiday. But not just mobile homes, but mobile homes with a signature, with a soul… their specially designed terrace. Settled in the 4 stars Premium Camping Resort Lanterna, they support the idea of the Premium Camping.

Our Concept

The concept of West Coast Mobilhomes is the life on terrace, where you can savor your morning coffee before the kids wake up, enjoy the breakfast with your family, relax after a “though” day at the beach… and when the night comes, relish the barbecue and a glass of excellent Istrian wine, turn on the romantic lights and enjoy your evenings.

Hygge Mood “ON”

West Coast Mobile Homes are the coziest mobile homes in Porec, Istria because the space we are focused on, is the outdoor, the terrace. Summer holidays are made for the life outside, sunshine, bright blue sky, summer breeze, starry warm evenings and relaxation.  For the true hint of the camping spirit, sleep on the spacious bed on the fully covered wooden terrace. Awake that Hygge mood and enjoy the summer in the Lanterna Camping Resort.

Photo by Amber Flowers on Unsplash